Dear Valued Customer(大切なお客様へご案内)

Thank you very much for your patronage of “Teppen Shibuya Onna Do-jo”.
この度は、「てっぺん 渋谷 女道場」をご愛顧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。

We would like to inform you about our restaurant’s reservation policy.

We are very grateful that we receive many reservations every day, and there are not a few days when we are fully booked.
We are very happy to see the smiling faces of our many customers every day.

Unfortunately, however, we have been receiving an increasing number of customers who have cancelled their reservations without notice.
We are truly sorry that we won’t be able to meet you, as all of our staff members have made 100% preparations and are eagerly anticipating your visit.

So, we ask you, please.
Please do not cancel without notice.
Please come to our store with a firm resolve.
We will never make you regret.
We are glad you came to Japan, and we are glad you came to “Teppen Shibuya Onna Do-jo”,
We have the customer service and food that will make you say “ARIGATO” for sure.
日本に来てよかった、てっぺん 渋谷 女道場にきて良かった、「ARIGATO」と必ず言わせる接客と料理が当店にはあります。

Some of our customers were not able to make reservations at that time.
We appreciate your cooperation.

*If you are unable to come to the restaurant after making a reservation,
we would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance at the address below.


From all of us at Teppen Shibuya Onna Do-jo.
てっぺん 渋谷 女道場 スタッフ一同